My SEO Roadmap

A Carefully Crafted Campaign Can Significantly Decrease Both Time & Investment Needed to Achieve Page 1 Rankings 


Keyword Research

The most important factor of all and is one of the first things I look at when conducting audits and creating proposals. It is the voice of your website. If it’s not done correctly you’re giving yourself little chance of appearing for relevant terms in the organic search pages. For this SEO website, I needed to ensure my keywords were both high-volume & relevant to my service in order to succeed in winning business/clients & ranking for SEO Leeds

On Page Optimisations

This is where you have to be highly-skilled & knowledgeable in the field to know what is going to make your content succeed. Gone are the days of content “blueprints” where you could just fill your pages of the term you want to rank for and days/weeks later you were on page 1. Now keyword placement is just one element to consider when optimising your pages. I will ensure your content meets & exceeds the algorithmic requirements to rank highly in the organic search results.

Technical Optimisations

Also known as Technical SEO which is all about ensuring your website runs smoothly. It may seem fine from a user point of view but Google is looking for your pages to load quickly without delays or errors unseen by the end-users. Technical SEO is often a forgotten element because some agencies are not knowledgeable enough technically but it needs to be finely tuned.

Off Page Optimisations

In essence, this means “Link building” and everyone in the field of Search Engine Optimisation knows that it is a very important factor in terms of your online presence. However, it can be the difference between winning & losing in your efforts to rank. Which means a link-building campaign must be meticulously formed because it’s very easy to get this wrong if you don’t have the experience. An award winning status won’t help here even if you have one. A low-level link profile will see you lose any ranking or make it impossible to achieve them.


Hello, I’m Sean, thank you for taking the time to visit my website, hopefully, it’s given you some insight into my services and how I conduct my work. if you’re looking for someone to deliver the best SEO
results you’ve come to the right place. For years now I’ve been at the forefront of Google updates, which has seen me hit the very top in the organic search results for both large-scale and start-up business’s; Utilising both my local and national SEO strategies. Working on website’s in all kinds of niche’s (providing it is legal)

My goal is not for you to hit the 1st page of Google overnight and put your business at risk and run. My goal is to help you achieve your business goals and objectives. Ultimately increasing your online presence and helping you take your business to the next level. Giving you the foundation to reach traffic goals and increase conversions You do not have to be in Leeds or be local to me for us to be able to work together. I can deliver the same Local SEO or national from anywhere. I also have vast experience in helping clients recover from a Google penalty. However, in some cases, it is not possible to recover a site from a penalty if it has been subjected to too much “Black-hat” SEO (Although I have found this to be quite rare) in most cases it is possible to recover website’s from a penalty.

Being an expert in this field is not only about traffic and conversions; I’m also very passionate about delivering a high standard of customer service. I’ve worked with clients that started with an agency and switched to my services and that was down to the fact that a local agency was not transparent enough and was only driven by money. That is not the case with me. I’m driven by your website’s success. I have a very ethical approach to my profession and with this in mind I must advise that if I’m already working with a client in a particular niche, I cannot work with you if you are in the same niche, as I would not consider this to be ethical.

I can work with all website platforms. Although, there are some which are not up to SEO standard. This is something we can discuss if needs be.

Don’t be afraid to say hello – if you’re not sure about something call me or get in touch via my contact form. Even if you have an ongoing SEO campaign and you have questions – I’d be happy to help.

Sean Greenwood
SEO Consultant